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Stockpile equipment

One center, two zones

FOST is a "Tier 2" Center. 

  • An administrative area including:
    • A training room with 40 people capacity
    • Offices
  • A warehouse (an area of 1300 m²) to store the response equipment materials:
    • Booms (4,300 m of various types)
    • Skimmers
    • Dispersants (25 m3)
    • Pumps
    • Storage tanks
    • Aluminium work boat with bow collector
    • Inflatable dinghy
    • Various logistic resources (trailers,...)

Presentation of the equipment

The spill response equipment provides response on the coastline and in a river.

  • Booms
  • Skimmers
  • Dispersants
  • Logistics
  • Temporary storage tanks
  • A semi inflatable work boat
  • A work boat with a skimmer

The equipment can be transported easily and quickly by trucks, trains or planes. It is ready to leave in a 24-hour emergency.
This same equipment is regularly controlled within the framework of a program of preventive maintenance. The FOST acquires new equipment to replenish its stocks or to replace the obsolete equipment.